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Don’t let me get in the way

January 22, 2016

kel3I grew up in house where the sound of the piano began every morning at 5:00am. That was the time we had to begin our practicing in order for all of us to complete our daily requirements. As the youngest of 3 children, I fully accepted these expectations and more. It seemed as though every minute of my day was filled with Royal Conservatory music, Irish dancing lessons and academics. I learned at a really young age that my success hung on my ability to schedule all of my time

As an adult, the rigor of my childhood has served me well. I fill my day with tasks and I tackle them with the same level of discipline I learned in my youth. When things get challenging, I do more. At times this can drive people around me crazy, but they seem to have accepted that this is part of my personality.

This week, I was listening to Rich Litvin, a fellow Executive Coach speak about coaching top performers. Halfway through his talk he said something that I immediately wanted to reject.

Everything you are doing right now, and the stories that you believe about yourself are holding you back from what is truly possible.

He continues to say that over time the stories we believe about ourselves have created limits on what we are truly capable of. It is not until we challenge these beliefs that we can move towards what is truly possible.

For me, this vastly different perspective required serious reflection.

The busy schedule has served me well in the raising of my 2 boys and the growing of my business but is it possible that it has become safe to be so busy? Is there more certainty in busyness? How much of my self worth is tied to how much I accomplish each day?

If I want to create more space for learning, creativity and curiosity, what am I willing to let go of? What part of my story do I need to challenge in order to continue to grow?

imageI don’t have all the answers but I continue to ask the questions. I am aware that working through some of this feels like I’m stepping into the unknown and that is uncomfortable. I also know that despite the discomfort, at some point I won’t want to fall back in my old story and that is when real change will occur.

Is your story holding you back from what is truly possible?